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You can find chemical raw materials for chemical industry from the best chemicals manufacturing company with best quality and competitive price!
Quality Control
  • Improved Raw Material Procurement Controls

    Controlling the purchase of tear gas powder and industrial chemical powder. Types of chemical raw materials can effectively eliminate the entry of inferior chemical raw materials, ensure the quality of chemical products, and enhance the market competitiveness of chemical products.

  • Excellent Mathematical Statistics Method

    SPC chemical process control mainly uses the mathematical statistics method, analyzes the chemical sample data collected in the chemical production process, and analyzes the chemical collected data, so as to achieve the purpose of chemical product quality control.

  • Production Quality Prevention System For Chemical Products

    A series of measures are adopted to prevent errors from occurring and to minimize the risk of errors occurring. It is different from chemical inspection enterprise quality control depends on the inspection of raw chemical materials and products.

  • Control Of Quality Accidents

    when possible chemical deviations caused by temperature, pressure, pH value, liquid level, flow rate, stirring speed and time are found, analyze the possible results caused by these deviations, carry out a hazard assessment of the results, find the corresponding protective measures, give the solutions and implement them.

Dayu Chemical is a comprehensive chemical manufacturing company integrating scientific research, manufacture and international trade of types of chemical raw materials of the less lethal technology and ammunition. We can supply more than 30 kinds of chemical raw materials including CS gas powder, CS liquid solution, PAVA, OC liquid and raw material of pyrotechnic such as Magnesium Powder, Aluminum Powder, etc. The annual production capability of CS powder is 400 ton/year.

As a professional international chemical material supplier, the company is equipped with advanced LCMS, HPLC, GC and other chemical analysis instruments. And a complete chemical quality control system has been established to ensure production is efficient, steady and controllable. The company has passed ISO9001 chemical quality management system certification.

  • 8 doctors can do Custom chemical synthesis

  • Standard chemical experimental operation equipment

  • Perfect chemical intellectual property protection

  • Synthetic chemical route design and optimization

  • Over 95% chemical purity, gram to ton scales

  • Chemical analysis spectrum and chemical synthesis route report

  • The R & D team consist by 5 top chemical doctors.
  • The precise laboratory apparatus to make sure the accurate specification.
  • Standard production line to make sure the quality.
  • The best pre-sale and after-sales service,24 hours a day.
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Here you can find chemical raw materials with best quality and competitive price
  • 19 Sep , 2023
    Tear gas powder on sale
    At present, the weather in China is good, and CS powder is constantly being produced. If you are interested, please contact us.
  • 23 May , 2023
    Synthetic capsaicin -plant organic extract
    Synthetic capsaicin is a newly developed "plant organic extract", which has been increasingly used in medicine, food and other industries in the past few years. Its appearance has improved the resource structure of pharmaceutical intermediates and food additives, allowing more people to obtain higher and more effective medical value and food value.
  • 27 Apr , 2023
    PAVA-high-purity synthetic capsaicin
    Capsaicin is a naturally occurring organic compound, the main nutrient component of peppers, and has special effects such as spiciness, color, and aroma. In many food processing processes, capsaicin i...
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