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Chemical Structure Formula of OC Organic Chili Powder Bulk

OC Powder/Oleoresin Capsicum Powder

Oleoresin capsicum powder is also known as 8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide or capsaicin. Oleoresin capsicum (OC): Capsaicin (cas number: 2444 46 4) is an excellent active ingredient in pepper elements, which belong to the genus Capsicum. Oleoresin capsicum powder will have a strong chemical irritation to mammals (including humans), and at the same time will produce a strong burning sensation in any tissue in contact with it. Oleoresin capsicum powder (OC powder) and several related compounds are called capsaicin (OC) oids. They are secondary metabolites of peppers and may have a deterrent effect on certain mammals and fungi. Oleoresin capsicum powder (OC powder) with high purity is a kind of hydrophobic, colorless, highly irritating, crystalline to waxy solid compound.

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What is Oleoresin Capsicum Made of?

Oleoresin capsicum is composed of a series of homologous compounds. There are 19 types of capsaicin (OC) oil. They all have common parts of the same structure. Capsicum oleoresin was first extracted from peppers through a threshing process in 1876. This is a kind of oleoresin capsicum (OC). Oleoresin capsicum powder is always used for analgesic, anti-cancer, and blood lipid regulation, as well as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, weight loss, anti-fatigue chemistry book, analgesia, anti-itch, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, myocardial protection, and blood pressure regulation. Oleoresin capsicum powder can also cause vasodilation in the skin, improve microcirculation, and produce a series of physiological reactions and repellent effects on humans and animals by using its pungent taste. Therefore, oleoresin capsicum powder has a wide range of applications, mainly in food additives, medicine, cosmetology, biological control, military, and other fields.

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Oleoresin Capsicum Powder (OC Powder) Chemical Formula

Oleoresin Capsicum Powder Chemical Formula

Oleoresin Capsicum Powder Specification (OC Powder)


Oleoresin capsicum powder

Synonymous Name:
Capsicin, OC powder, 8 Methyl N Vanillyl 6 Nonenamide

Capsaicin CAS Number:


Molecular formula:


Molecular weight:


Melting point

54 ° C

Boiling point

200-210 ° C( Press:0.05Torr )




190 ° C

Storage conditions

2-8 ° C

solubility methanol:

methanol:100mg/mL ,clear to slightly hazy

PH coefficient (PKA)

9.76 ± 0.20 (predicted)

Effect of Capsicum Oleoresin Powder (OC Powder)

  • Analgesic effect;

  • Cardiovascular protective effect;

  • Anticancer oleoresin capsicum powder effect;

  • Effect on the digestive system;

  • Antipruritic oleoresin capsicum powder effect;

  • Antibacterial and insecticidal effects.

Packing of Oleoresin Capsicum Powder (OC Powder)

The packaging options of DAYU oleoresin capsicum powder bulk are: 1KG, 5KG, 10KG, 25KG

Uses of Capsicum Oleoresin Powder (OC Powder)

A. The rodent repellent with Oleoresin Capsicum Powder (OC powder) as the main component has a good repellent effect on stored grain rats in rural areas, and the repellent effect with 1% Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) can be maintained for more than 5 months.

B. Oleoresin Capsicum OC powder can be used as a functional additive in the cable and cable industry and can be used in PVC, PE, and other plastics to prevent rats and termites from eating the products.

C.The antifouling coating is a biological antifouling coating based on the repellent property of Oleoresin Capsicum(OC), The coating can effectively prevent the attachment of marine organisms and the accumulation of aquatic organisms in the hull of ships and marine structures in contact with seawater. At present, OC powder has replaced organotin as a new antifouling coating for ships and marine structures.

D. The biological pesticide Oleoresin Capsicum Powder can be used as a new green pesticide in the field of biopesticide. It has good contact killing and repellent effects. It has the characteristics of high efficacy, long-lasting effect and degradability in the control of crop pests. Capsaicin is a new type of environmental protection biopesticide. 

E. Medical Oleoresin Capsicum(OC) has a significant effect on neuropathic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, fresh cowhide, psoriasis, acne, baldness, etc. Among them, analgesia is the most mature application of Oleoresin Capsicum(OC) research. Oleoresin Capsicum can also be used in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In addition, Oleoresin Capsicum Powder can also prevent peptic ulcers and respiratory diseases and has the special effects of weight loss, anti-fatigue, and auxiliary detoxification.

F. Oleoresin Capsicum can be used as a raw material for the production of beauty care products and can be used to improve the skin quality of the face and arm, but the concentration difference should be paid attention to in different parts. 

G.  Oleoresin Capsicum can be used in the military. Capsaicin has a good tear-inducing effect, which can cause strong physiological reactions of the human body, resulting in cough, vomiting, tears and other symptoms, and even disorientation. However, it has no toxic side effects. Therefore, it is the main raw material for manufacturing tear gas bombs, tear guns, and defense weapons in the military, and has been widely used in the United States, Japan, Germany, and Southeast Asian countries. Oleoresin Capsicum Powder is also used as a personal defense weapon and a tool to subdue offenders. 

H. Oleoresin Capsicum can be used in food additives. It can be used in the processing of all kinds of spicy food in the food industry, including all kinds of spicy fat food, daily seasoning, spicy sauce, baked food, etc. In addition, Capsaicin(OC) has strong antibacterial and bactericidal properties and has certain inhibitory effects on bacteria, fungi, and yeasts, so DAYU capsaicin powder for sale can be used as a potential food preservative.

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