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What is the OC Powder in Civil Anti-wolf Spray?

OC is the abbreviation of chili oleoresin. It is a food product obtained by grinding dried red pepper into powder and purifying it with high spicy degree. OC powder can be used as a stimulant after mixing with mineral oil, vegetable oil, soybean oil or water to safely control violent persons or dangerous animals, restore and maintain public order.

Ⅰ. OC powder is a pure natural and non-toxic preparation

OC powder was first isolated from pepper in 1876. It is an efficient and colorless amino crystalline substance with strong stimulating effect. Even if only 1g of OC powder is added to 100000 drops of water, its existence can still be felt. The oleoresin capsicum powder is not volatile and is effective only when it is in direct contact with skin and mucous membrane. If the skin is stained with it, it will immediately burn; If the eyes touch it, they will burn, shed tears, swell and temporarily damage their eyesight; Inhalation of it through the mouth and nose will cause swelling of the inner surface mucosa of the respiratory tract, cause cough and make people temporarily have poor breathing. When the liquid is sprayed on the face, it strongly stimulates the peripheral sensory system, resulting in severe facial pain, tears, involuntary eye closure and loss of resistance. It also has an excellent subduing effect on alcoholism, drug abuse and troublemakers.

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Ⅱ. Wide use of OC powder

The cs irritant powder and CN are chemical toxic gases, commonly known as tear gas. They are products of the early last century. They can stimulate the respiratory tract and cause suffocation, but they are toxic and have great side effects. They will cause varying degrees of damage to the eyes, nerves and skin of the sprayed person, and the effective time is relatively slow. Among them, the safety of CS is much better than that of CN, and the irritation is stronger. Although the comprehensive performance of CS and CN is acceptable, it is difficult to work in the face of opponents with a strong sense of painlessness or tolerance, such as highly excited people, mental patients, drug users and alcoholics. Spray CN or CS into their eyes, and they can still fight with their eyes open. Using OC powder spray, no matter whether it feels pain or not, it will involuntarily close its eyes, which is determined by the biological reflex function. Of course, oc liquid has the same function. Now, due to the increasing use of OC powder, CS and CN are gradually being replaced.

The unit to measure the power of OC powder is the spicy unit designated by American chemist Scoville in 1912. He named it after his last name. 1g of pure OC powder crystal needs to be diluted with 1 million drops of water to reach the tasteless spicy level. The hot pepper we eat every day is only 20000 SHU, while the calorific value of pure capsaicin crystal is 20 million SHU. A qualified defense spray product has a calorific value of at least 1 million SHU, and the common is 2 million SHU. This standard is obtained by diluting pure capsaicin crystals into a 10% concentration formula.

Because this experimental method is greatly influenced by people's subjectivity, later generations developed a method called high performance liquid chromatography to measure. However, because the Scoville index has been used for a long time, the measured value of high performance liquid chromatography is still often converted to SHU to express the content of capsaicin.

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