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The Application Situation and Protective Treatment of CS Powder

1. The usage of cs powder

During the Vietnam War, the US military used CS powder poison gas into the tunnel in an attempt to force the Vietnamese communist soldiers hiding in the tunnel to surrender.

The CS here is a transliteration of the US military code name, derived from the combination of the names of its inventors Ben Corson and Roger Stoughton. The two first reported the synthesis of CS in 1928. In 1956, the British Chemical Defense Construction Laboratory developed it as a riot control stimulant. In 1960, the US military passed a resolution to use CS as standard equipment, which was mostly used to suppress riots.


The first use of CS gas powder was the British suppression of large-scale riots in Cyprus, and it was used extensively by the US military in the Vietnam War. In modern times, it is widely used in military and police anti-riot operations, nuclear, biological and chemical training, and to disperse demonstrators. In 2019, the Hong Kong police used nearly 10,000 tear gas canisters to deal with demonstrators who blocked roads and those who participated in illegal gatherings.

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2. Protection and treatment of CS powder

For the protection of CS powder, not only use gas masks to protect the face, eyes and respiratory tract, but sometimes also need to wear protective clothing, boot covers, gloves, etc. to protect the skin. Poisoned persons can use 2% sodium bicarbonate aqueous solution or clean water to rinse eyes, nose and skin.

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(1) Indoor environment

For the environment polluted by the splash of CS powder, since CS is an acidic substance, chlorine bleach can never be used for cleaning. The chemical action of CS and chlorine bleach will produce more toxic compounds than CS. Some scholars have further stated that it is necessary to add 5% (weight) sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide with a 1:1 equal volume of water and ethanol or isopropanol solution, and wait at least 20 minutes for the CS powder and its residue to proceed. Alkaline hydrolysis reaction. After the reaction product soluble in the alcohol aqueous solution is formed, it is diluted and rinsed with a large amount of water.

(2) Skin and clothing

After the skin comes into contact with CS powder tear gas, it should be washed thoroughly with plenty of water and soap. If the eyes are unwell, rinse with plenty of water or normal saline. For contaminated clothing, if the clothing was used at the site where the tear gas was used, the residue is difficult to clean with water for a short time, so it is recommended that it should be replaced or discarded in time. If you need to wash the clothes you wear, you should wash them with cold water separately from other clothes, otherwise it will contaminate other clothes.

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