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OC Liquid/Capsicum Oleoresin Liquid

Capsicum oleoresin liquid is also called OC liquid. OC Liquid (raw material) is obtained by solvent extraction of capsicum genus, such as chilli peppers. Our oleoresin capsicum for sale is also known as oleoresin capsaicin, chilli oleoresin, and oleo capsicum. As a capsicum oleoresin manufacturer in China, we not only provide OC liquid (capsicum oleoresin liquid) but also provide oleoresin capsicum powder (OC powder) for sale. Buy buy oleoresin capsicum now!

Specification of OC Liquid(Oleoresin Capsicum Liquid) 

Product :

OC Liquid

Synonymous Name:

Oleoresin Capsicum Liquid, Capsaicin Liquid, Chilli Oleoresin Liquid, Oleo Capsicum

Capsaicin Cas Number:2444 46 4

Major Capsaicinoids :


Oleoresin Capsicum :


Total Pungency :

500,000 SHU - 5,250,000 SHU

Rel. Capsaicin :

60 % min

Color Value :

2000 to 3000 cu

Residual Solvent :

below 30 ppm

What is Capsicum Oleoresin?

OC liquid is a form of oleoresin capiscum, which can be dissolved in water or oily substances, so we call it OC water-soluble/oil-soluble. Capsicum oleoresin (raw material), this product, is irritating to mammals, including humans, and OC liquid produces a burning sensation in any tissue that it comes into contact with. OC liquid is a natural capsicum oleoresin extract, non-toxic. Dayu Chemical, a professional chemical material supplier, has advanced purification technology and can produce various OC liquid of different purity. Chemical material company Dayu has sufficient stock to ensure timely supply and we also provide customized oleoresin capsicum for sale according to customer requirements.

OC Oleoresin Capsicum Uses

OC liquid is widely used in medicines such as painkillers, stomachic, diet pills, methadone detoxification drugs in medical and health products.  OC liquid is also used for daily chemical products in marine paint, bio-excellent, green and environmentally friendly biodegradable pesticides, military tear-proof bombs, and pepper power tubes. Because of its pungent thermal properties, oleoresin capsicum is also widely used as a food additive.

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