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The Effect of OC Powder Capsicum Capsaicin

The OC powder spray is a substance extracted from a chili powder containing more than 20 types and 300 types of capsicum capsaicin. There are various concentrations of OC powder sprays, usually, the concentration of oleoresin capsicum powder sprays used by law enforcement agencies is 5% to 10%.

1. About the OC powder

The spiciness of the OC powder spray is measured by the Scoville Heat Units - SHU value. The higher the SHU value, the higher the spiciness of the spray. Most capsicum capsaicin sprays are OC powder sprays with a spiciness of 500 to 2 million Scoville Heat Units. Generally speaking, the higher the concentration of the OC powder spray, the longer the recovery time of the infected person, and the more difficult it is to remove the pollution to the environment (the higher the concentration of OC, the more oily the spray is), and it also brings difficulty to the ejection of spray (high content of oleoresin makes it extremely difficult to spray). In addition, the high-concentration oil pava oc powder spray sprayed with high pressure can penetrate into the exposed skin of the human body, resulting in a needle-like pain effect, which is very dangerous to the human body.

2. The effect of OC powder

The main target of OC powder sprays is the human face. The attacked person will feel its effect after 1 to 2 seconds of contact, and the effect usually lasts for 30 to 60 minutes.

Burn-type OC powder almost immediately causes a burning pain to the exposed skin, and the infected person's eyes also feel burning, swollen, and watery. The nose and oral mucosa can also feel burning. The throat can also feel thirsty, hot, and tight. If the respiratory organs feel burning, the mucous membranes swell, and only short, shallow breaths are possible. Persons exposed to tear gas can also experience weakness, dyskinesia, tremors, and loss of balance.

After the person is infected, the eyes will be closed involuntarily due to pain. Loss of sight and suffocation can cause them to panic and lose their way. The pain and discomfort caused by the spray can make the gangster unable to resist any more, and it is easy to arrest them. Since the confusion caused by the spray can also affect the suspect's ability to respond to instructions, police officers using OC powder spray should be fully aware that the criminal may not be able to follow orders because of the tear gas, but not intentional resistance to arrest.

These effects caused by DAYU oleoresin capsicum for sale such as OC powder spray capsaicin function are of great help to police officers in their missions. But even so, when police officers approach criminals contaminated with OC powder sprays, they must be very careful and make correct judgments based on the specific situation of the target.

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