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Magnesium Powder

Magnesium powder is flammable and explosive, producing high temperature; When it burns, magnesium in powder form glows white. Therefore, magnesium powder is widely used in the military industry, aerospace and other areas of technology. Magnesio powder can be used as a reducing agent, flash powder, lead alloy, desulfurized in metallurgy, organic synthesis, lighting agent, etc.

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Technical Data of Magnesium Powder


Magnesium Powder 

Magnesium Powder Cas No:7439-95-4

Magnesium Powder Formula:



Sliver-gray powder

Mg content

99.5% min.














Insoluble matter of hydrochloric acid



Partical size


Partical size (Pass Sieve) as per requirement

Magnesium Powder Uses

What is magnesium powder used for? Magnesio powder is flammable and explosive, producing high temperature and dazzling white light when burned, so magnesio powder is widely used in the military industry, aerospace industry and other scientific and technological fields. As one of the professional magnesium metal powder suppliers, DAYU Chemical has high quality magnesium powder for sale.

Packaging of Magnesium Powder

Net Weight: 30kgs / Iron drum

Special Risk of Magnesium Powder

Flammable when wet. Burning produces intense white light and emits high heat. The mixture of powder and air can form explosive mixture. When it reaches a certain concentration, it will explode when it meets Mars.

Protective Measures of Magnesium Powder

First Aid of Magnesium Powder

Inhalation of magnesio powder: quickly leave the scene containing magnesio powder to fresh air. Keep the respiratory tract unobstructed. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Respiratory and cardiac arrest, immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation. See a doctor.

Skin contact with magnesio powder: take off clothes contaminated with magnesio powder immediately and wash off magnesio powder thoroughly with soapy water and water. See a doctor.

Eye clear contact with magnesio powder: immediately separate eyelids and rinse thoroughly with flowing water or normal saline. See a doctor.

Ingestion of magnesio powder: gargle and drink water. See a doctor.

Advice to protect rescuers: move patients to a safe place.

Magnesium Powder Leakage Emergency Treatment

A large amount of leakage: collect the leaking magnesio powder in an airtight container as much as possible. Absorb with sand, activated carbon or other inert materials and transfer to a safe place. Do not flush into sewers.

A large amount of leakage: build a dike or dig a pit to contain magnesio powder. Close the drain. Foam is used to cover evaporation. Transfer to tank car or special collector with explosion-proof pump, recycle or transport to waste disposal site for disposal.

Procedures For Handling Magnesium Powder

Isolate the magnesio powder contaminated area and restrict access. Eliminate all sources of ignition. It is suggested that emergency treatment personnel should wear dust masks, dust masks and anti-static clothing. Do not touch or cross the leakage. Cut off the leakage source of magnesio powder as much as possible. Water treatment is strictly prohibited. A small amount of leakage: cover the leakage of magnesio powder with dry sand or other non combustible materials, and then cover with plastic cloth to reduce scattering and avoid the rain. Powder leakage: cover the leakage of magnesium powder with plastic cloth or canvas to reduce scattering and keep dry. Remove under the guidance of experts.

Environmental protection measures: take in leakage to avoid magnesium powder polluting the environment. Prevent magnesium powder from leaking into sewers, surface water and groundwater.

Fire Extinguishing Agent of Magnesium Powder

Use water mist, dry powder, foam or carbon dioxide extinguishing agent to extinguish fire.

Avoid using direct current water to extinguish fire. Once through water may cause splashing of combustible liquid and spread the fire.

Fire Fighting Precautions For Magnesium Powder

Fire fighters must wear full body fire and gas protective clothing and wear air breathing apparatus to put out the fire in the upwind direction. Move the container from the fire to an open area as far as possible. Spray water to keep the fire container cool until the end of fire fighting. Strictly prohibit water, foam and carbon dioxide extinguishing. When rescuing, the eyes and skin should be protected to avoid burning the body with burning particles and eyesight by magnesium light. Dry graphite powder and dry sand are used to smother the flame to isolate air.

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