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Synthetic capsaicin -plant organic extract

Synthetic capsaicin is a newly developed "plant organic extract", which has been increasingly used in medicine, food and other industries in the past few years. Its appearance has improved the resource structure of pharmaceutical intermediates and food additives, allowing more people to obtain higher and more effective medical value and food value.

Technically, the origin of synthetic capsaicin is in China. In the domestic and foreign markets, it is also favored by consumers. It is widely used in pharmaceutical intermediates, food industry, especially the pharmaceutical industry, seasoning industry, and has high-quality characteristics. , so that it occupies a unique position in the evaluation of consumers.

Synthetic capsaicin can be used not only for seasoning, but also for anti-cancer, disease prevention, weight loss and anti-aging effects. Its multiple functions can meet the nutritional needs of consumers at different stages, and make consumers feel healthy and enjoy the happiness of well-being.

All in all, synthetic capsaicin is undoubtedly a new nutrient that has emerged in recent years. It has high-quality characteristics, can withstand and protect the health of consumers, and meet the nutritional needs of consumers at different stages. author's approval.

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