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Application of Chemical Chemical Raw Materials

Dayu Chemical is a raw material manufacturer and supplier specializing in fine chemical products

Fine chemical industry

Fine chemical products: generally refer to products with high purity and small output, such as pharmaceutical intermediates, dye intermediates, industrial catalysts, rubber additives, water treatment agents, etc. Our products have specific functions and practical features. It has the characteristics of high technology intensiveness, small batch, multiple varieties, complex production process, large equipment investment, strong practicability and high added value. The products provided by our company have the above characteristics.


Tear gas chemical is commonly known as tear gas, which can stimulate the lacrimal gland nerve to produce tears through its stimulating components. It is a chemical raw material with low mortality. It is divided into CS powder, CS solution, PAVA, OC water soluble, OC oil soluble, OC powder, capsaicin and Cr powder. The main purpose is to disperse the crowd and as an explosion-proof agent to prevent riots and other related terrorist activities, such as smashing, riots and so on. The treatment and prevention of infection in contact with this product is relatively simple. Currently, tear gas reagents commonly used for tear gas are pepper spray PAVA OC liquid solutions, etc.


Industry Chemical Power

As a chemical raw material for finishing

The products produced by our company, resorcinol, aminoguanidine bicarbonate (2582-30-1), aminoguanidine sulfate, titanium tetrachloride liquid, strontium nitrate, magnesio powder, lead nitrate, aluminum powder, barium nitrate, etc., are processed as fine processing The chemical raw materials have high purity and related requirements such as fine particles.

These products are mainly used as pharmaceutical intermediates, industrial catalysts, printing and dyeing additives, plasticizers, coating detergents, etc.

So as to use the above-mentioned related raw materials for further deep processing.




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