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The Application of Tear Gased

Tear gased, also known as pepper spray, is a smoke agent that temporarily incapacitates attackers. The contents of DAYU wholesale tear gas are high natural strong stimulants such as purity chilli extract and mustard extract. It causes intense and fire-like irritation to the eyes, facial skin, and respiratory tract. People cannot open their eyes, or stop sneezing and coughing. 

Ⅰ. The ingredients of tear gased

The most common ingredient in tear gased is acetophenone, of which CS is the most widely used. Tear gased, as its name implies, will make us snot and shed tears. It will cause strong irritation to the eyes, nose, respiratory tract, and skin, making people extraordinarily uncomfortable! Nonetheless, the main effect of tear gased is to cause irritation. If you encounter tear gased, just go to a well-ventilated place and the symptoms will be relieved quickly.

Ⅱ. The functions of tear gased

Tear gased is also known as tear bomb and antiriot pepper spray. It is a kind of chemical weapon, which belongs to non-lethal weapons and incapacitating agents. Tear gased is used by armies and police around the world in antiriot control. At the same time, tear gas powder can also be used as a weapon. For example, it was used during the Second World War.

The tear gased can be used with a variety of equipment. The poisoning can be realized by various shells, gas canisters, grenades in the air, or by spraying with solution or dust. The tear gased is powerful if it is on the battlefield. The tear gased is generally used in combination with conventional weapons to degrade enemies' capabilities. The tear gased can be used to maintain social order for its small power.

Common tear gases include CS, CN and CR for eye stimulation and oleoresin capsicum powder pepper spray for respiratory stimulation. At low concentrations, the tear gas powder can cause eye irritation, and the people affected by tear gas powder will tear continuously, open eyes difficultly, and vomit. The tear gased can irritate the eyes, but does no cause actual damage. The tear gased is named after the type of poison it contains. For example, the tear gased filled with phenylchlorone is called phenylchlorone tear gased. Although the name is different, the effect is the same. In addition, the strength is slightly different.

As soon as the troublemakers come into contact with the toxic vapor from tear gased, they immediately have symptoms such as burning eyes, photophobia and a lot of tears. Once you leave the toxic area, the symptoms of poisoning generally disappear within 5 to 15 minutes. You can rinse the eyes and nose with water, or gargle for better effects.

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