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In Which Areas Can Resorcinol Be Used?

1. Application of resorcinol in dyeing materials

Resorcinol can be seen in some dyed materials. It is an indispensable ingredient in the manufacture of dyes. Eosin is a red dye. This substance is also used when making it. What is the specific application?

Eosin is an important triphenylmethane dye, dyed bright red, mainly used to dye silk. It is prepared by co-heating resorcinol and phthalic anhydride in the presence of zinc chloride or concentrated sulfuric acid, first preparing the intermediate fluorescent yellow, and then bromination. Eosin is commonly used to make red ink, and can also be used as a stain for microscopic examination of biological data. If the intermediate fluorescent yellow is brominated in an acetic acid solution, it can only be dibrominated, and then heated with mercury acetate to produce mercurochrome (also called amalgam), which is an important disinfectant and preservative.

Eosin is easily soluble in water, and a 2% aqueous solution is the "red syrup" for daily sterilization. Mercury alcohol and acetone solution can also be used for skin disinfection. Reducing resorcinol and caproic acid through an acylation reaction can produce 4-n-hexyl benzenediol, which is also a disinfectant.

2. Application of resorcinol in the field of medicine

Resorcinol is used as a disinfectant, topical anti-itch agent, and intestinal antiseptic in medical treatment. In the presence of sulfuric acid, it can react with formic acid, oxalic acid, and tartaric acid to produce a very sensitive color reaction. Even a small amount of tartaric acid can be identified.

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