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Characteristics and Preservation Methods of Aluminum Powder

1. The characteristics of aluminum powder

Aluminum is a silver-gray metal, with a relative mass of 26.98, a relative density of 2.55, and a purity of 99.5%. The melting point of aluminum is 685℃, the boiling point is 2065℃, and the melting endothermic is 323KJ/g. Aluminum is reductive and easy to oxidize, and it releases heat during the oxidation process, 15.5 KJ/g of heat is released per gram during rapid oxidation. Aluminum is a ductile metal and easy to process. The oxide film on the surface of metal aluminum is transparent and has good chemical stability.

2. The preservation method of aluminum powder

(1) The Al powder should be sealed to isolate it from the air during storage to prevent oxidation. It can be placed in a sealed tank indoors, and the storage temperature is 15-40°C. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, rain, or high temperatures.

(2) Ensure that the storage temperature of aluminum powder is not lower than 15°C (special attention should be paid in winter or when the surrounding temperature is equal to or lower than 10°C).

(3) Excessive jolts and vibrations during transportation and storage under certain conditions may cause partial separation of aluminum powder components. Therefore, avoid bumps and vibrations during use, and avoid the possibility of explosion caused by contact with aluminum powder in flammable and explosive areas.

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