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Extraction Method and Concentration Determination Method of Resorcinol

Resorcinol products are used as organic intermediates in rubber, plastics, medicine, pesticides, dyes and other industries. In tire manufacturing industry, it is used for cord impregnating agent, adhesive resin for synthetic rubber, producing wood adhesives RS, RL, RERH, etc., and synthesizing benzophenone UV absorbers UV-0, UV-531, UV-9 etc., the organic intermediate m-aminophenol, etc. It is used for the preparation of inter-nail adhesives for tire cords and high-performance adhesives for wood plywood, etc. The United States and Western Europe are mainly used in the production of adhesives for rubber and wood, while the largest use in Japan is for the synthesis of dye intermediates, m-aminophenol.

1. Resorcinol extraction method

According to the suggestion of the chemical material company, prepare 6,000 g of a saline solution containing 6.5% resorcinol, and 3,000 g of an extraction agent—methyl isobutyl ketone or cyclohexanol or cyclohexanone. Turn on the three-stage centrifugal extractor at 3000 rpm. Start feeding with a metering pump, the feed rate of the brine solution metering pump of resorcinol is 200g/min, enter from the feed port of the first-stage centrifugal extractor, and the feed rate of the extractant metering pump is 100g/min, The extractant is fed from the feed port of the third-stage centrifugal extractor, and the third-stage countercurrent centrifugal extraction is carried out. After extraction, the residual material in the centrifuge was exhausted, and the oil layer was separated to obtain 3392.5g of oil layer, which contained 11.4% resorcinol, and the extraction efficiency was 99.2%. 5582.5g of waste water was collected and analyzed to contain 0.056% of resorcinol. During the extraction process, 25g of material remained in the centrifuge.

2. Determination of resorcinol concentration

A method for detecting the concentration of resorcinol in an environmental water sample, specifically, after the diazotization reaction of an aromatic primary amine compound, a coupling reaction is carried out with different concentrations of resorcinol to generate a diazo coupling compound; Perform UV-visible spectrophotometric detection or high-performance liquid chromatography UV-visible light detector (or array detector) chromatographic detection, correspondingly obtain absorbance value or chromatographic peak value (peak area value or peak height value), the interval between the different concentrations. Resorcinol 108 46 3 is the abscissa, the absorbance value or chromatographic peak is the ordinate, draw the first standard curve or the second standard curve, and obtain the first linear relationship or the second linear relationship between the concentration of resorcinol and the absorbance value or chromatographic peak. The relational formula is used to detect resorcinol in environmental water samples; the method can improve the sensitivity of ultraviolet photometry or high performance liquid chromatography ultraviolet-visible detector chromatography to detect resorcinol.

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