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Five Unique Characteristics of Aluminum Powder for Aluminum Powder Application

Aluminum powder is commonly known as "silver powder", that is, silver metal pigment. Pure aluminum foil is added with a small amount of lubricant, rammed and crushed into scaly powder, and then polished. Next, let Dayu Chemical Co., Ltd. share with you the characteristics of aluminum powder and Dayu Chemical has high quality aluminum powder for sale

1. The characteristics of aluminum powder scaly covering

Aluminum powder particles are scaly, and the ratio of diameter to thickness is about (40:1) - (100:1). After aluminum powder is dispersed into the carrier, it is parallel to the substrate. Many aluminum powders are connected with each other, and large and small particles are filled with each other to form a continuous metal film, covering the substrate and reflecting the light outside the film, which is the covering power of aluminum powder.

2. Shielding characteristics of aluminum powder

The aluminum powder dispersed in the carrier floats, and the result of its movement always makes itself parallel to the substrate coated by the carrier to form a continuous aluminum powder layer, and the aluminum powder layer is arranged in parallel in multiple layers in the carrier film. The pores between each layer of aluminum powder are staggered, cutting off the capillary pores of the carrier membrane, and the external water and gas cannot reach the substrate through the capillary pores.

3. Optical properties of aluminum powder

Aluminum powder is made of aluminum with light color and high metallic luster. Its surface is smooth and can reflect 60% - 90% of visible light, ultraviolet light and infrared light. When coating objects with coatings containing aluminum powder, its surface is silver white and bright, which is the characteristic of aluminum powder reflecting light.

4. Characteristics of "double-color" effect of aluminum powder

Aluminum powder has the characteristics of metallic luster and parallel to the coated object. In the carrier containing transparent pigment, the gloss and color depth of aluminum powder change with the change of incident angle and viewing angle of incident light. This characteristic is called "double-color effect". Aluminum powder is arranged in different levels in the coating film. When the incident light irradiates each layer of aluminum scales, it will be weakened differently through the film with different thickness, and the reflected light and brightness are also different.

5. Floating characteristics of aluminum powder

A large variety of aluminum powder and aluminum slurry for pigment is floating type, which is characterized by scale floating on the surface of the film.

Aluminum powder has the advantages of light weight, high floating power, strong covering power and good reflection performance of light and heat. Aluminum powder is a large category of metal pigments due to its wide application, large demand and many varieties.

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