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Four Production Processes of Aluminum Powder

The aluminum powder is a large class of metal pigments because of its wide application, large demand and many varieties. There are many kinds of production processes, such as ball milling, atomization, inert gas atomization, pressurized water atomization, etc. These production processes are introduced in detail below.

1. Preparation of the al powder by ball milling

After the steel ball, aluminum chips and lubricant are put into the ball mill, the rolling steel ball is used to break the aluminum chips into flake al powder, and the ball mill and pipeline are filled with inert gas. This method has high production efficiency, good product quality and safety, which lays a foundation for modern aluminum powder process. This method is still used and is called "dry production".

In the ball mill, petroleum solvent is added instead of inert gas, and the produced spherical aluminium powder is mixed with the solvent to form slurry and become slurry al powder pigment. This method has the advantages of simple equipment, safe process and convenient use of the product. Most modern al powder pigments adopt this method, which is also called "wet" process. Ball milling aluminum powder is a widely used aluminum powder production method. It uses ball mill to produce aluminum powder with low cost, large output and high safety.

2. Atomized aluminum powder

The process of producing aluminum powder by atomization can be divided into three types: air atomization, inert gas atomization and pressurized water atomization. The air atomization method is to spray the molten aluminum into fog with compressed air through the nozzle, condense the fog aluminum into powder, and then screen and grade the aluminum powder to form atomized al powder products. Air atomization method is a developed process method. At present, atomization method is still the most used method for producing al powder. It is characterized by large production capacity, low cost and simple equipment. However, the production safety of this method is poor. During the production process, the al powder is suspended in the air flow and moves to form a dust mist accompanied by static electricity. When the aluminum dust mist reaches a considerable concentration, sparks may cause deflagration.

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3. Preparation of the al powder by inert gas atomization

Inert gas atomization is a newly developed production method of al powder atomization. It is different from the air atomization method in that its production equipment is completely sealed and filled with inert gases, such as argon, nitrogen, etc. The pressurized inert gas sprays the molten aluminum into a fog through the atomizer. The inert gas quickly absorbs the heat in the aluminum, and the liquid aluminum in the shape of fog beads condenses and shrinks into a ball shape. The solidified al powder is separated into various particle sizes in the classifier. Inert gas is reused after dust removal and purification. This process adopts sealed equipment and inert gas. Pure aluminum powder has no oxidation and deflagration conditions, so it is very safe. Because the product is extremely fine spherical, has high activity and high application value, it is used for high-energy fuel and aluminum powder pigment - aluminum powder slurry raw material for cars

The process of producing atomized aluminum powder by inert gas atomization is undoubtedly a new process instead of air atomization. In particular, the promotion of the industrial technology of preparing nitrogen by carbon molecular sieve adsorption has greatly reduced the cost of nitrogen and provided favorable conditions for the promotion of inert gas atomization process.

4. Preparation of the aluminum powder by pressurized water atomization

The pressurized water atomization method uses high-pressure water to crush the molten aluminum into fine powder in the atomizer. In the water, the al powder is divided into grades of various particle sizes through the cyclone, and then the moisture is removed to become dry aluminum powder. The process of producing aluminum powder by pressurized water method is safe and reliable, but the activity of the product is slightly low.

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