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Why Can't Aluminum Powder and Magnesium Powder Come into Contact with Water?

The chemical properties of magnesium and aluminum are very cheerful. They are very easy to react with water and release a lot of heat and hydrogen, but they are much softer than the metal materials potassium and sodium. The area of powdered magnesium powder or aluminum powder is several times larger than the area of lumps. Therefore, the total area of contact with moisture is greatly increased after being damp. Because the total area is large, the amount of heat and hydrogen generated are greatly increased. In addition, the powder is loose and the heat dissipation is not good, and the heat is very easy to accumulate. When the temperature rises to the ignition point of hydrogen, it will easily return to moisture.

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1. Spontaneous combustion of aluminum powder or magnesium powder when damp

Magnesium powder, will cause spontaneous combustion and self-explosion when exposed to moisture. When there is 10-25 mg of magnesium powder per liter of air, it will explode when it encounters a fire source. When the temperature exceeds 40 ℃, magnesio powder can accelerate its decomposition and spontaneous combustio

Many aluminum powders can ignite spontaneously when exposed to humidity and water vapor. Mixing with reducing agent can produce explosive compounds. Contact with fluorine, chlorine, etc. will produce a strong exothermic reaction. Contact with acids or strong acids can also generate hydrogen, causing combustion and explosion.

2. Aluminum powder is on fire and cannot be extinguished with tap water

After the aluminum powder catches fire, using direct water to extinguish the fire will cause the aluminum powder to rise and produce a certain level of dust concentration standard. When the concentration value exceeds the explosive concentration value section, it will explode if it reaches a certain ignition energy. Too much will cause the aluminum powder to blow again, resulting in a second explosion, which is called martyrdom.

3. The method of pouring out when aluminum powder spontaneously combusts

Try not to let the aluminum powder cause a fire accident. Based on the working experience of the aluminum powder manufacturer, we will tell you that the correct way is to lightly cover with dry sand to prevent continued burning.

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