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Reasons for the Explosion of Aluminum Powder

The aluminum powder will explode under certain conditions. The following are four situations in which aluminum powder will explode.

1. Reasons for the explosion of aluminum powder

(1) It will react violently with fluorine, chlorine, etc., and it can produce hydrogen when it comes in contact with acids or strong bases, which is easy to cause an explosion of burning aluminum dust.

(2) Aluminum powder will burn or explode when exposed to an open flame. The aluminum powder will undergo a violent oxidation-reduction reaction when exposed to an open flame, which will quickly release a large amount of heat. This reaction will cause the temperature and pressure of the surrounding environment to rise sharply, forming a shock wave, destroying surrounding buildings and equipment, and causing casualties.

(3) The explosive concentration of aluminum powder will spontaneously ignite when exposed to moisture. When a large amount of aluminum powder encounters moisture and water vapor, due to the increase of the specific surface area of the aluminum particles, and some surfaces have not yet formed an oxide film, an exothermic reaction and spontaneous combustion will occur. The long-term storage of aluminum powder sticks to grease, the heat does not dissipate, and it is also easy to cause spontaneous combustion or explosion.

(4) The explosion limit of aluminum powder forms an explosive mixture with air. When it reaches a certain concentration, it will explode when it encounters sparks.

As one of the professional chemical industry companies, DAYU CHEMICAL will introduce some self-rescue measures to you.

2. Self-rescue measures for spontaneous combustion of aluminum powder

Aluminum powder, also known as sodium hydroxide powder, is a white sandy crystal or light yellow powder chemical product. It has a melting point of 300°C (decomposition) and an ignition temperature of 250°C. It is insoluble in ethanol, soluble in sodium hydroxide solution, and reacts with water violently and burns.

(1) When aluminum powder spontaneously ignites, never use water to extinguish the fire. The correct way is to lightly cover with dry sand to prevent continued combustion.

(2) If the aluminum powder is spontaneously combusted with direct water to extinguish the fire, it will cause the aluminum powder to fly. When the flying aluminum powder reaches a certain level, it will explode when it encounters a fire.

(3) Similarly, foam fire extinguishers and dry powder fire extinguishers are all fire extinguishers with higher pressure, which can also cause aluminum powder to fly, which is dangerous.

(4) If there is too much aluminum powder, it may cause the aluminum powder to fly again and cause a secondary explosion. This kind of explosion is called slaying. It is recommended not to accumulate too much aluminum powder.

3. Surface modification technology of aluminum powder

In order to improve the dispersibility and wettability of ultra-fine aluminum silicate powder in water, a surface modification technology method of ultra-fine aluminum silicate powder can be used. The application performance of the ultrafine aluminum silicate powder modified by this method is greatly improved, and the performance of the product is equal to or better than that of similar products in the world. Its process characteristics: first wash the ultra-fine aluminum silicate powder to be modified in dilute acid to make the surface of the ultra-fine aluminum silicate powder rich in hydroxyl groups, and then modify the surface of the powder with a dispersion modifier.

The surface modification method provided by the method can make the ultrafine aluminum silicate powder uniformly dispersed in the solution system, thereby being widely used in coatings and other industries.

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