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What Are the Application Areas of Resorcinol?

Resorcinol can be used as a raw material for dyes and plastic synthetic fibers, and used in the industries of rubber tire cord dipping, resin, film, agricultural film and explosives.

1. Resorcinol in organic chemical raw materials

Resorcinol is used in organic chemical raw materials such as synthetic celluloid, tannic acid, p-aminosalicylic acid, m-chlorophenol, trinitroresorcinol, etc. Its derivatives are the raw materials for many fine chemicals.

2. Resorcinol in rubber and tire industry

Most use of resorcinol is used in rubber adhesives. Mainly used in tire cord (cloth). Resorcinol, formaldehyde resin and synthetic resins of resorcinol, formaldehyde and vinyl pyridine are used as adhesives in the tire industry. The consumption of resorcinol in the production of tire cord (cloth) is very large. In addition, chemical fiber mills and cotton spinning mills also need resorcinol.

3. Resorcinol in adhesive accelerator

Adhesives are commonly used in rubber, plastic elastomers, wood (laminated wood), light metals, ceramics, textile materials, fibers, paper (laminated paper), etc., especially roof structures, ship structures, etc. A large amount of adhesive is required. For example, resorcinol and formaldehyde resin can be used to produce adhesives for various materials. With the popularization of high-end furniture, these adhesives can replace urea series adhesives, and the demand is expected to increase.

4. Resorcinol in agriculture

Resorcinol can be used to synthesize agricultural films, and can also be used to synthesize insecticides (cymaphos) and herbicides (ethoxyflufenox).

5.Resorcinol in dyes

Resorcinol is used to synthesize fluorescent dyes and acid eosin. It can also be mixed with catechol, amines and oxidants to be used as resorcinol in hair dyes. In addition, resorcinol can also be used to produce plasticizers, stabilizers, detonator detonators such as trinitroresorcinol.

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